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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Are you stressed, tired, over worked, have the feeling lots of things...

Are you stressed, tired, over worked, have the feeling lots of things are going strange or wrong and people are taking what they can get when you don't have the energy to be strong?
A little while ago i came by accident on a way to deal with my stress. I am someone who gives a 110% in all things that i do and if i feel its not going as well as it should i can easily feel bad about it. This is definitely the case with people who you try to help and for whatever reason the situation turns around on you. From you helping to getting a back lash that can happen for any number of reasons.

Rather than feel bad about the situations and wollow in self pity or the loss of empowermeant you can do something about it. A small tuning in exercise that enables you to get clear, get active and help yourself into a positive state.

Take a deep breath and write the most comprehensive list of all the things you are feeling, what is stressing you out or making you tired and practical things you feel bad about in some way for whatever reason.

Once you have made the list recognize points that are:
1. Feelings to explore but not be ruled by.
2. Practical things that can be sorted out with planning. Make a plan to get them done with a lot extra time than you actually need.
3. Urgent things that you can sort out quickly and will almost instantly give a feeling of relief.

This is one of the most self empowering things i have done for myself in a long time. I keep forgetting that this works for me so i thought by sharing i might remember better myself.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Cat door knocking service... Best business idea ever!

I am walking home, gathering ideas about the ideal image of my business in a few years to come. A question I never ask myself with true conviction as I always get ploughed away by whats practical. Scaling down my ideas before I am even started.

So thinking big and out of the box, I am walking through a neighborhood close to one of my studios. It's cold and wet with winds that blow through your clothing leaving you cold to the bone. A lovely little bundle of joy catches my attention, with a not so joyful expression on its face. It runs up to me and then to the door of its home. Sudden clarity comes with my imagination more like leaping out of the box at this point, sprinting into woods and swimming an ocean. Best business idea ever... a cat door knocking service.

To remind cats pets (their owners) that they indeed need to be let inside to the cozy warmth of their territorial home. A door knocking service where some human prawls through neighborhoods on the search for cats in distress. In one moment came the idea and the next second i was laughing openly in the street. But seriously a cat door opening service, genius!

Many individuals are either creative in business or practical. Taking this as their base of operations that defines the way they plan, step into the world and deliver. Learning to balance these forces is key to successful business, indeed successful anything. Creativity is amazing but usually needs to be grounded in the here, possible and now. Be given legs to stand on in order to materialize. Practicality can often close down the mind for possibility. But hand in hand, they can lead us to projects and business plans that are both innovative and grounded in logic.

Coming back to the cat door knocking service. Its one of those ideas that sounds unique but when you analyse it you soon realise its a no go. Ok i have taken an extreme business idea but its some how so apt. SO visualise the situation for a moment cat outside door who is in need of being let in. The cat is the customer is this case with a need that can be fulfilled with a product or service thats not presently being offered. This is a situation where a business could come in. SO clearly we should set up a door knocking service right? But did you ask yourself (again ludicrous situation):
  • Can the cat afford such a service, is the as secondary client interested to pay? Your business can't thrive on cat cuddles however nice these are. Cats will love you one moment and leave you the next (talking as a cat lover). With the best of intentions customers can be the same so make sure a) you have the possibility of being paid in means that are healthy for your business and b) that you create a fair transaction where like quality of service is given for like quality of payment for said service. Valueing yourself, your product or service is vital. Checking that you can indeed make the necessary income to run a healthy business.
  • If the service was to become a reality and a door was opened for said cat, what do you think their response would be. Obvious one would be to run into the house. But what if the cat is scared by the door knocker or not that bothered about getting in even though its cute fluffiness looks distraught right at this moment in time. Quality of the customer or client is really important.
  • All is not as it seems at face value, did you stop to think if the cat had a specific reason for being outside? Maybe its only one cat in a million, then the need is big in this one case but there aren't many clients out there who will seriously need a cat door knocking service. Market research and questioning about the number of available clients, location and reason for the need.
Taking a little time in the beginning can save a lot of time and money later on. Not being scared to think big, bringing creativity and practicality to heel. Its always possible to down size an idea. The big ideas give information about your goals and desires as a business starter and maker that are truly insightful. Planning a strategy for success not only is useful for new businesses but helps to focus the writer on the core goals, clients and finance aspects of a business. Giving a clearer vision of the businesses identity for promotion, who the business is for and how it addresses the need of this target group. After careful analysis of about 30 minutes and a lot of laughing (reason it took so long) i decided that i won't be opening a cat door knocking service.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Art work and creativity by Isolde Kanikani

 Art has always played a huge part in my life. Whether it be with painting, dancing making music or helping others to make art, its always been there. Taking many forms like modeling for photographers and model shoots. Sometimes these get shown and sometimes remain something hidden or become part of a paid for portfolio by some business or artist or other. Most of all art has been a way of relaxing, expressing present situations and exploring myself in process. The end result being secondary. Now i am finding some of the pictures that have moved me and i am left wondering what to do with this part of my world.

Crutches... New chapter to the crazy chronicles

Thursday 25th august i manage to step down on a spade hard to dig up the stubborn bamboo plant i wanted to take and plant in my new studio. during the forceful action my flimsy shoe breaks and i end up bringing vulnerable flesh down on sharp spade top.  I can't put my weight on it so i crawl through the garden including all the weeds and things i have cut back to leave the garden nice, calling for my father who has fallen asleep in the big armchair in the living room. Then my ex man returns home and finds me half sitting inside and half outside trying not to make a mess of the house with profusely bleeding foot. we bandage it and he picks me up and takes me to the car where we get the foot checked out at the doctor.

Carried into the emergency room and the doctor smiling at the sight, me sheepishly half laughing half smiling. The doctor examines the foot and gives the news that no tendons are broken which is lucky a htis would mean months of recovery. Simply a few nerves might be damages but these will grow back in time. Also that i need a number of stitches but the anesthetic will probably be as painful as the stitches. So i decide to go for the stitches without anesthetic, my god was it painful but i managed to not move or cry out until the last stitch which was directly on a nerve or sensitive point. the last one really throbs even now.

After the doctors and back to the house, i go with my father to pick up some crutches so at least i am able to be a little independent in the next days. Its amazing here, you walk into a shop and hand over your insurance information. Sign a form and eh voula you have rented crutches.

Thursday after getting back home i tried to go to the supermarket just down the road in good old stubborn Isolde style. It was hard and i managed it, but my god do i have a new found respect for anyone who can't simply go to a shop without some walking aid or wheelchair. As a dancer after day 3 i am itching to walk, dance, run, jump as i am used to. so trying to put sunday to use with the finishing of my book.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Keep the love flowing

Its been a short time since i have been single again, and it in many ways this should have have happened much sooner. But everything is easier in hindsight. The relationship was beautiful while we were working together keeping the magic alive, but due to things i feel we weren't able to deal with, this time was actually quite quickly replaced by hanging onto something. Something that was indeed beautiful, meaningful and worth nurturing. And somehow we together weren't knowledgeable enough about how to do this, not in agreement about how to move beyond this. But for me now i talk for myself.

In an almost 10 year relationship starting from the moment we met to the moment i found my whole future had changed with my loves wishes, to the moment he set me free and me leaving. i loved deeply and lost myself. Partly due to my own chameleon like nature searching for harmony, and partly due to the fact i was so young when making this commitment to a man who was older and naturally more set in his ways. We met on a level of communication that suited us, but as i developed over the years i got more and more frustrated by not being able to share things and feeling like there were things happening between us that would take months and months to talk about and even shed one word. It improved slowly but we grew apart in what we wanted. Due to live changing changes not being communicated i was very slow in realising that what i wanted and had thought to be possible with this man indeed wasn't. And sadly most of these things had developed because of our first years together and the beautiful strong feeling that was developed. The last 3 years were spent in a sort of limbo between being happy and being scared of losing all that i had worked hard for in my home. Home being the new country i had moved to, the change in my way of working, the dreams that we had once shared of a home and family, stopping with a dance partner i really miss, learning dutch tax law of all things to run a business. I changed my life for love and when it left me i was suddenly free of working hard for a life i had loved but now didn't fit me any longer. The relationship being thoroughly mourned by the upheaval of being pushed away and pulled in again time after time.

I surprised myself that while i was deeply sad underneath i was ready to move on in 2 or 3 weeks. Getting out there again, not holding myself back to be with someone who was in the end very different, very loveable but hard work to connect with. After some weeks of experimenting, dating, catching up with old possibles and questioning myself constantly in what i wanted. i have moved into a new phase. i hadn't realised that the underlying thing i have been afraid of was being left, in many ways by many people i have been left all my life and its been a big dissapointment. i learned to cut off, to not show myself which wasn't very healthy and i pushed myself more than ever to overcome this with my ex man. i don't tell this because i feel sorry for myself but to explain the context. i process things super quickly and last week i reallised my fear, and also that its unfair to expect people to stay forever. This weekend i took some time for myself and let these ideas process. i am still scared to love, and still scared of people leaving but decided to embrace the people around me anyway and keep the love flowing.

Forever thankful to the friends who have grown in the last months, the beautiful men i have met and got to know and the things life is bringing into my world now that i am open to it.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Valhalla that is my heart where loved ones reside

These last months of situations and last years of in one sense losses in my life have lead to a somewhat sound sense of what death means to me. Be it the little death or a shedding of skins that leads to new possibilities of horizons, le petit morte which is definitely not as bad as it sounds, the death of body of loved ones and even my own mortality. Death can be both beautiful and positive as it can be upsetting causing deep emotions of grief  and loneliness. So a half poem half text dedicated to all these myriad moments where one reality it shedded and let go for a new one.

Hiding from feeling anything
And yet not hiding at all
am i in shock or denial,
Intense pain or exuberant freedom
that is intoxicating every cell of my body.
Shedding the skins of bounderies and hurts past
for a radiant glistening skin

i am human, i am myself again
i am feeling and analytical and living
I am my loves and i am my friends
I am all that is my family
There is no we anymore, no second heart to care for
Only my own, which seems to be a busy place
I miss your heart and realize i am surrounded by them

Valhalla that is my heart where loved ones reside,
by choosing to feel intensely i open myself to love
and pain in equal measure,
Not to love is no life at all
Valhalla of my heart where you reside
Grandpas, grandmas, my beloved uncle, 
father, mother, brother and cousins

Valhalla that is my heart with open doors to another world
of acceptance and love, closeness, longing and desire.
Existing and believing we are worth our deepest most profound dreams
Thankful to the man who showed me love exists,
and to another who showed me what is could become,
to the others who have touched my soul with your grace
others who brought pain so bad as to make me renew myself.

Valhalla that is my hurt hurting with continual expansion,
yet feeling at peace with its new metamorphosed existance,
Friends who are like stable rocks, new ones like family you never had.
Old ones who have become brothers and sisters
and a cousin who for eternity will be a mix of these all.
People keep you company on the road fo life,
taking you down the highway  with its easy access and flow
At times down a hidden forgotten path
with obstacles that befuddle you and keep you lost
until miraculously you find the main road leading continuously
into the near or far future where i will also rest.
But for now touching every now and again the love that resides in my heart.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Finding my niche...Holistic style concept: don't let your clothes wear you!!!

 In a personal message a couple of days ago a reader from this blog asked me a really good question. Why have i set up a blog talking about fashion, style and tips for these areas when there are so may already doing this? While i had an answering feeling i wasn't able to directly put it into words until now. While i started the blog as an experiment, finding my way in social media and putting a lot of the things i was learning into blogging. I found that i do indeed have a message that has gone through my work, social and personal life in the last years. Holistic style is a concept i haven't seen anywhere else, although i see many making similar connections. Holistic style is my ongoing message to the world and is an underlying current in many of the articles i write on this blog. I want to empower the individual by giving knowledge and experiences freely. Create more through sharing than holding everything in for myself. so what is Holistic style?

Holistic style is about empowering the individual to think past the outfit into the realms of personal expression and the choices we have. Looking at how we, many of us use clothing as an unconscious barrier for protection with wishes to hide, to be clearly seen and through this hiding, be age appropriate, to fit in with others, to not fit in with others or simply cover up our body with something so we don't get arrested in the street. The list goes on.

Healthy acceptance of the things we can't change and feel less happy with while being proactive with the ones we can do something about. Ok, you can't change your basic build, but with more education and awareness of health, fitness and the inner workings of our mind and troubles that go with this we can open up many choices of how we want to present ourselves to the world. Choosing our barriers, bridging the gap between inner world and how we wish to be seen. Lastly image in an ever increasingly important topic in todays society. With the emphasis on photos, infographics and everything visual. The way we present ourselves through demeanor and style is important. You know when that person who is in your opinion sightly weirdly dressed walks past wearing what looks like every piece of clothing and jewellery they own, you are making a decision and assumptions about who they are. Or that business person who has gone for the power dressing option of wearing a suit, but in actual fact he looks like every other clone to walk into an office becoming invisible. People see the suit and not the individual making a mockery of the idea of power dressing.  Own the suit, bring forth your personality and conquer, ok not advocating war here but a little living in your own skin is a must for all who want to avoid being used by your own clothing.  Don't sit back and let your clothes overpower you, make choices, take control and let the inner beauty shine through.


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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Style tip: accessories galore


Whether your style is simple or built on small details that make the final outcome, accessories can really make a difference to an outfit.

Some basic things to consider when choosing accessories:

  • Choose accessories that accent your out fit of the day
  • Consider colours that complement your hair, skin and outfit colours.
  • With jewellery its often the case that we wear the wrong colour. With the choice of gold, silver and rose gold, you should relate the colour you wear to the tone of your skin. more info here.
  • Watch out for over doing it, while its great to accent too much can over power the rest of what you are wearing.
  • Ask yourself what you want to accentuate about your body and out fit of the day. Is it your waist, the find a belt. Your face, then a good pair of earrings and hair drawn back is a great option. 

My personal tips used when i choose accessories:

  • When looking at jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. i often choose maximum 1 for a relaxed look, 2 for simple with often small earrings. 
  • I won't wear big earrings and a necklace or bracelet and rings. This is an easy way to avoid crowding.
  • When wearing hats be aware of how this affects your hair and if you want a lively hair look later in the day. Many hats flatten hair and bring out natural oils from scalp causing a less than fresh glossy look. A thin barret is great from protecting hair from getting frizzy when traveling outside between meetings and performances. 
  • Belts are great for accentuating your waist and you can wear them at three heights e.g. hips, waistline or empire bust line. These each bring about different lines in the body.
  • If you have beautiful details on a neckline of a dress or top then a half up hair style or completely up hairstyle will show this off. 
  • This one is going to sound funny but be careful of your associations with the use of somethings getting in the way of using it creatively. Take a scarf for example, there are a hundred and one ways to use it as a scarf but it can also be used as a top, as a skirt, as a dress (if big enough), head scarf, belt. Think outside of the box and enjoy your creativity.


We have many more great articles on fashion including more style tips to help you with your outfit choices. See below for links or contact us with your style question, it could be the next post!!!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Crazy work loads and tip for proper planning in small businesses...

Last summer i found that i wasn't enjoying the biggest aspect of my work anymore and wondered how administration had become so important when i used to be a professional dancer. Running a small self employed business to enable me to work with dance.  I still am a professional dancer in title and can find the funny side now when people ask what you do during the day, as if the classes magically organize themselves. The realization was prompted by these questions and so tightly packing my schedule that i didn't have enough time to eat until late at night, let alone do all the calls that were expected of me. It left me wondering about the moment the meaning of my job changed and whether its a sign of the times that it takes more for a small business to run than in the good old days.

Constant touring during my early years as a dancer also made the administration side a lot simpler to handle. If I covered arranging tour dates, my own promotion, the accounts and dance training there was a sense of fulfillment and my working day while full was done. Adding projects, collaborations and starting a tango school in Utrecht meant that suddenly there was a lot more to do and not enough money in the business to pay for more staff. Its a difficult time for any small business, do you take the gamble and pay someone now knowing that if they are good at what they do they will boost business income within a short time frame. Or do you keep going as you are due to inability to imagine or trust a setup with more than one person. Now my work includes the following list and realistically its far more than one person can do well by themselves.
  • Answering at least 30 emails a day to keep on top on the inbox.
  • Book keeping and accounts
  • Creation of projects and concepts
  • Practical teaching, performing, DJing etc
  • The preparation in training, music preparation and choreography not to mention the ongoing work put into creating clear lessons with an emphasis on thought out didactic clarity making way for a transparent and accessible learning process. Argentine tango is not a difficult dance to learn, it just takes practice.
  • Maintaining and developing the STUDIO Cielito. More than a dance space its been created to give affordable space for dancers, movers and theatres makers. More again in the idea of mutual promotion of many different types of organisation that fall under the cultural banner, through space sharing and collaboration.
  • Maintaining a high level of promotion through up to date websites, use of social media, flyers and design to name a few.

Is it time to gamble?

I went with making the running of my business more efficient and clarifying the processes that would enable someone else to take over the things i am less good at or prefer not to do given the chance. So maybe a gamble is in the future but there is also a possibility to close the gamble gap through efficient procedures and planning, further education in weak areas  like growing in the awareness and people skills needed to make a more informed choice about possible people to bring in as staff later.
With this realization and decision, i began a process of working behind the scenes to simplify and clarify the way my business was running and how i wanted it to move forward into the future. Many small business's will recognize that often when starting small its good to have a clear business plan, branding and promotion plans. But while these are important, they get lost in the process of building and getting out there with your product or service. Its only later when a business is either failing or so successful that the administration work load is excessive due to inefficiency and often outweighing the income to support it. I am just in this process now, my business is successful but the amount of work behind the scenes is crazy and doesn't translate into as many clients as it should. Getting rid of the haphazard way of doing things while implementing procedures and planning that can  enable me
 to work more efficiently each day. Also making the processes clearer for handing over to someone else. Due to lack of time i have also had to reduce the amount i am doing in the coming months to give time to this back end process. For any small business not at one of the extremes and presently overworked (not sure this exists, smile), i would strongly suggest to do the business planning while you are small and more simple to manage. Continually update your plan with new projects and services, letting it grow as you grow. You define yourself through it giving you more clarity in bringing possible clients to your business.

At risk of sounding self absorbed, the last thing is probably the most important thing and that is to work on is myself. The more i know myself, my skills, my weaknesses and my special gift. The better i can determine who to bring into my team, searching for someone who have a special gift that strengthens mine, filling in for my weakness's and more importantly adding their own strengths. This could be one person or multiple people creating more of a team feeling. While the present is clarifying, the future is open for the imagination and opportunities that may present themselves.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Why We Love pilates (And You Should, Too!)

Pilates is such a great exercise system both holistic and hands on. Its often underestimated as yet another class you can do at your local gym. But it can be so much more in terms of fitness, health, a great figure and not to mention great for dancers. Find out what Pilates can do for you and some great links to professionals near you. Find out the great things it can do for your health below.

The top 6 reasons you should include Pilates into your daily routine:

  1. Increase circulation and relieve tension - Great for when you have been behind a computer all day and your circulation is sluggish due to inactivity. 

  2. Improves posture - For those style conscious people who love to wear nice clothes. The better you look and feel about your body the more you can make out of the things you wear.

  3. Enhances body awareness - In this day and age of computers and technology, people are loosing the sense of moving in their own body. Sound strange? Building up greater body awareness can help to improve core body strength and movement. Not to mention make  dance and movement activities fun while technique is quick to integrate.

  4. Improves muscle tone - working with the core muscles of the torso as a central focus for powering the arms and legs. Giving a powerhouse for controlling the multiple movements we do in everyday life. With the right muscles toned and active it also decreases the likelihood of injuries. 

  5. Improves breathing practices and energizes - The Pilates system uses a thought out and deliberate way of breathing during exercises. Consciously used doing particular types of movement for different effects. Many people these days don't have good breathing practices. These would be to breath efficiently using the stomach and lungs each time you breath in and out. We get into habits like not breathing through the nose or short shallow breaths. Breathing slower and deeper energizes the body while being more efficient. 

  6. Great for people with mobility problems - many exercises are done on the floor, sitting in chairs and using other props for help and support. You don't need to be a dancer to try this, in fact quite the opposite applies.



     My personal experience and your, build up some knowledge about yourself

    I have mixed a number of pilates exercises into a daily routine which keeps my body toned and working effeciently. I have to admit to off times where i don't practice, but always feel the difference when i get back into the flow of regular practice. My body loves it.

    For me its important to find out what you need from a daily or even 2 times weekly workout. Manageable sessions that can be repeated are key here. Important factors can include:

    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Build
    • Proportions of the body.
    • Movement Activities hobbies or work.
    • Health issues or weaknesses in the body


    Taking the above list and using myself as an example:

    • Strength - I am very strong in my legs and strong in my core muscles. weak in my arms and neck.
    • Flexibility - I am super flexible in my lower back, less in my upper back, not naturally flexible in my legs while arms and shoulder blades are very flexible.
    • Build - I am tall, with long legs and arms, medium shoulder width and hourglass figure.
    • Proportions of the body - I have longer legs than my torso but have a balanced proportion, with a long back.
    • Movement Activities hobbies or work - I am a professional dancer for my work, i like to learn other dances and movement forms to a high level including pilates, yoga, kung fu amongst others, fashion and posture are important to me as they bring an extra quality to how i look and feel.
    • Health issues or weaknesses in the body - I am super flexible in my hips and have to watch for injuries when exercise. Health issues around digestion and dizzyness due to an operation I had on one of my ears affects me from time to time.

    Find the answers for yourself:

    How to find out where you are stronger and weaker? 

    Think back to times when you are lifting things, this should give you some good answers. Otherwise check with a health specialist like Pilates, dance, or health related teaching/practitioner. This information can help to tell you where you need to work on your strength and where you should maintain your current level.

    How to find out your areas of flexibility?

    Do some simple stretching exercises and be careful of your bodies limits. Again ask a dance teacher or other movement professional for some exercises if you are unsure which ones to use. This information can help to tell you where you need to work on your flexibility and where you should maintain your current level.

     What type of build and body proportions do i have?

    Body build is often a bit difficult to know offhand. Ask some people around you what they think and find people in the street who match how you see your self and then ask where you would but their build on the scale of things. There is a lot of great information on the web about build and proportions so maybe give google a try. Otherwise get in touch with our contact form, i am happy to help. For proportions get a long mirror and ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Is my body longer than my legs or vice versa, 2. what are the general lengths of my arms, legs, torso in relation to the size of my head.

    This information can help to tell you where you about your body, how to work with posture and also how the length of the body often shows the things you can work on. Longer limbs usually need core body exercises and movement control/awareness while being naturally graceful. Shorter limbs often get more tension and need to work with relaxation. These are gross generalisations. Its difficult to describe the complexities of proportions and body build here and its always best to get expert advice in person.

    If you find some funny things out, please don't worry. When we really look at ourselfs we reallize we are a bit strange looking and beautiful. Keep in mind everyone who does  this will probably feel the same. You are unique and beautiful, don't forget it.

    Why are my health weakness's, work and hobby activities important?

    These allow you to keep in mind important factors that you should keep in mind while exercising. Any health problems of weaknesses you might have should be taken into account when trying Pilates or any other activity alone. Notify your teacher if doing a class. In places where you body is weaker do less repetitions and lower level intensity exercises to build up the strength in that area. Too much can lead to injuries, take care of yourself.

    The movement things we do for work and hobbies are useful bits of information. It tells us how fit we are, whether our body is used to moving or not and the types of movement it knows in its body memory already. A more movement active person can often learn things faster and take more intensity while those less used to moving need a little more time to build up on knowledge and intensity.

    Couple your growing knowledge with a great exercise system like Pilates and you are made for life. If Pilates doesn't workout then try one of the other great ways to exercise and experiment until you find one that is right for you.

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

New blogger login, first steps

The word blog has become universally known as the way to go when you want to make contact with the huge number of people online. But equally big is the idea that now there is such a huge saturation of blogs available and many quality established ones. How does a new blogger make their way in this vast world. I have no idea, but with a wish to learn, energy to drive the blogging engine and a lot of things to write about i hope to create a blog that people enjoy. I am going to share my journey of making a blog and getting it out into the world to receive traffic and hopefully build a returning audience. From 0 to infinity and beyond, ok not buzz light year but you get the gist.


First steps

When i finally had decided to create a blog, I began to research the best places to get started. Not knowing much about this world i wanted to start with a free blog and if all went well invest in something more later. 

My research areas were:
  • what is a blog and how is it different from a website
  • the best free blog hosts
  • how to monetize a blog
  • lastly, how to get traffic


What is a blog and how is it different from a website

Blogs and websites have many similarities but some very distinctive differences too. I have read in a number of places that there isn't much difference between them if you are wanting to make money with writing content. Also to see the choice in terms of layout and which one best fits your needs. In the end it comes down to the be all and end all, can you get trafiic.

A blog is: a series of posts often presented by date and organised latest post first. The word blod comes from weblog and they were originally designed as a personal online journal but since then the available formats have got a little more varied and complex. 

A website is: content presented in a web pages, very flexible in how you lay these pages out compared to blogs. They are simpler to redesign from the back end than blogs, particularly if you are knowledgable with the different programming languages. While blogs have one step to publishing new content, websites need a ftp program in this process. But this also depends on the website setup you are using. Comparable website publishing to blogger and wordpress could be wix, branded me or any of the other hundreds of free website building places online. With these you also have a 1 click process to publishing content once its been edited and checked. The big differences come when you want to create your own website from scratch. If you start from scratch then another difference would be that websites are a more costly way to publish content.

In conclusion, websites are a more costly way to publish content but its easier to edit appearance and make choices about layout of content. Blogs bind you in to a specific format for content in the form of posts, but they are often free or cheaper to setup and there are many widgets and plugins available to bring something a little more functionality and design to your layout.

What did i choose? I already have a website and am in a learning process with this that is always ongoing. I have been making my own websites using a number of programs and management possibiltiies like Joomla. So I was really interested in making a blog and exploring this channel. The fact that blogs are free and have different possibilities of reaching people, including a more informal feel made it different from my website where i have chosen a friendly, informative but slightly removed style for writing and presenting things. For this blog everything is hands on.

The best free blog hosts

I don't know about you but i found a sea of free blog platforms when first entering this search. The two that kept on being mention where Wordpress and Blogger or Blogspot. I wasn't really sure which to choose as they both have their merits. 

There is a really good comparison by Tim Brookes for those of you who want a well laid out comparisons of blogging opportunities.

In the end i went for blogger or Blogspot because of the seeming freedom it has to do all the basics without much fuss and that i already ahd some experience with it because of an earlier blog page set up for a project organised by Cielito. 

After having setup and used blogger for a couple of weeks the only thing i would mention as something to check if you are in the dilemma of which one to choose, is to check how easy it is to change code. Blogger seems to be pretty complicated or messy (i don't have the knowledge to know) in the back end which makes changes more difficult for someone with basic coding skills. I don't know how wordpress compares to this.

How to monetize a blog

While i found lots of useful information, it seemed that i couldn't implement it until i had got going with a blog and blogging. The main things that came up time and time again was to focus on:
  • creating quality content and including photos, videos and other media to bring interest to audience.
  • Target posts for your desired audience, who are you writing for?
  • Utilise social media platforms as a way to spread the word about your new blog.
  • SEO like formatting the blog for search engines, including: tagging, good permalinks and descriptions of posts to give better search results.
  • Overall idea build traffic in anyway possible while not abusing ways to do this via spam or over publicising to specific audiences. The above ways are a good start.
So while i am not ready to monetize my blog, i am busy learning to bring in more traffic while hopefully not spamming people with my new enthusiasm. I have also found that giving a little time to finding out who my audience is and my own voice is great. Somehow when many creative projects start there is a beginning time of defining what the project is, how it will look like and who it is for. Also importantly what does it do for them and how is it different from others doing something similar? Basic branding concepts are a really good one to look into, recognition of you blog is important for building audiences and through this traffic. If people recognise, respect and value what you offer they will come back time and time again and even better show others what you are posting. While a new blogger, i have experience in building a business and gained this knowledge from other areas. People like something trustworthy and quality so give them something to chew on and have faith in yourself to get started. It took a little for me to make this step but already in 7 days i am getting over 50 visits a day and have had as many as 800 in one day. Not so much for you experienced ones out there, but i am happy.

How to get traffic?

I have the feeling the more creative and the more information about what others are already doing is the way to go here. There are some really great blog lists out there and i would suggest to go through a number of the tips lists to check what you are doing and if you miss any of their suggestions get it done today to build traffic. On the 18th december i know zero about blogging, i know have a little and am seeking to grow a lot. I don't have the answers to  this one yet, but some suggestions so far would be:
  • Don't be too shy to let friends, family, and business contacts know about your blog. this one is for the new writers out there. This was my personal hurdle and i am still not quite there with letting my people know.
  • Sign up to some of the social media sharing sights and build networks there. the bigger and more quality these networks are the bigger your range to advertise to when sharing blog posts. Its not enough to have an account. Unfortunately this task feels a little endless.
  • Content, make sure you are posting quality content with tags and links. With a variety of media, formats depending no the type of audience you are wanting to attract.
More to come here as i explore further. There is so much information out there available. For me personally i found that creating a basic style sheet for my blog that includes all the important things that must be on there, governing how its looks, the type of voice i will use when writing, social media i will regularly use and build, colours, style of media and photos, advertising?. A basic posting template that helps me remember all the components i want to include in every post which can be built on as i discover more in my search for information.

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