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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Are you stressed, tired, over worked, have the feeling lots of things...

Are you stressed, tired, over worked, have the feeling lots of things are going strange or wrong and people are taking what they can get when you don't have the energy to be strong?
A little while ago i came by accident on a way to deal with my stress. I am someone who gives a 110% in all things that i do and if i feel its not going as well as it should i can easily feel bad about it. This is definitely the case with people who you try to help and for whatever reason the situation turns around on you. From you helping to getting a back lash that can happen for any number of reasons.

Rather than feel bad about the situations and wollow in self pity or the loss of empowermeant you can do something about it. A small tuning in exercise that enables you to get clear, get active and help yourself into a positive state.

Take a deep breath and write the most comprehensive list of all the things you are feeling, what is stressing you out or making you tired and practical things you feel bad about in some way for whatever reason.

Once you have made the list recognize points that are:
1. Feelings to explore but not be ruled by.
2. Practical things that can be sorted out with planning. Make a plan to get them done with a lot extra time than you actually need.
3. Urgent things that you can sort out quickly and will almost instantly give a feeling of relief.

This is one of the most self empowering things i have done for myself in a long time. I keep forgetting that this works for me so i thought by sharing i might remember better myself.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Introverted, emotional or sensitive?

Introverted, emotional or sensitive is a subject that has come up in many of my conversations recently. I am not an expert on any of these but feel a constant question over emotions and how they affect me individually and others in relation to me. I have seen that to be introverted is the new cool and emotional often portrayed as something negative. Sensitive on the other hand has connotations of good but weak. Or at least this is my take on it. Alongside these 3 words a further question arises, are we all made equal? I am guessing not from the myriad of people out there with their multitude of variations where emotional intelligence is concerned.

I would say I fall under all three categories but at the same time feel strongly that these and their counterparts are simply a tool for helping us understand ourselves, rather than something that is inherently good or bad. Its Like a tool kit full of a small range of tools we are born to use. These tools have a natural purpose like a hammer for hitting things or scissors for cutting. By understanding them you can not only bang a nail into a wall but you can create a a building. For me introversion and extroversion are similar. I was strongly effected by the negative associations that people had with introversion when i was growing up. i would get asked why i am quiet or shy. i learned to hide it in favour of a set of behavior patterns that would be considered extroverted, but little did i realize that to do this took a lot more energy than the natural extroverts used. I got exhausted more quickly and had to hide alone for a while to recuperate my energy. This in term made me feel bad because i wasn't living up to the extroverted ideal. Recently i came across an article on Linked In celebrating the abilities of introverts and it started me on the journey to exploring this personality trait i seem to have and what it means for me. Further letting go of some of these patterns that in actual fact hurt me energetically and leave me drained. I am in a process of becoming more myself and showing it.

I think for myself the idea of being emotional is a matter of opinion and seems to be a lot less clear than the personality traits above. My recent discovery of a book called the highly sensitive person while slow going was intriguing for the idea that someone had put some science behind the idea of being sensitive. i would consider myself someone with deep seated emotions and until about 9 years ago never opened up to anyone. The process of sharing my inner world with others has been difficult and rewarding. But the more i share the more i realize how truly unique all are in our experiences of emotions, their intensity and complexity. Added to this is the part we give them in our lives. Some ive sway to their emotional sub world while others hardly allow them to exist.

Over sensitivity to others is also intriguing me. When i was younger i became really confused when what i sensed of others around me didn't match with what they talked about. With some they later confessed that i saw more quickly than they had what they were feeling and that they needed time to catch up, sometimes resenting me for my sensitivity. While with others, they either weren't wanting to admit to the emotions or i had got it wrong. Making the whole process very hard to learn from. Because its only in hindsight that i can ever tell what the situation was and how i can improve the perception of emotions in people around me in the future.

So in conclusion i dub myself an introvert with extrovert tendencies. Deeply and complexly emotional while being highly sensitive to those around me. The challenge for me through the years has always to avoid my chameleon tendencies of fitting in with the needs and wishes of those around me and find a firm footing for myself to be as I was meant to be. The search is still on.


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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Did you know ... fashions trends

I am busy researching ideas and designs for my new collection of clothing for dancers and anyone wanting something a little special for their wardrobe, be it sexy dress for a party or elegant clothing that moves effortless for dancers. Including the important detail of fitting well but not shifting around. Just because we move, the clothing shouldn't have to. The process of designing clothing is interesting unto itself. How does a collection come into being and why, what are the choices that make the final outcome. I hope to share something of this process with you. The final outcome being showcased in february 2016.

For me the first step was to decide why i am designing a collection and to what purpose. The answers to these questions came very quickly as they were the underlying reason for beginning in the first place.

I have always been interested in creating clothes that flatter all shapes and bring out the personality of the person wearing them, and not the other way around. Too often you see clothes wearing the person who is somehow lost in the mass of fabric and whatever else is going on with an outfit. I love the idea of bringing a collection that enables me to educate people that they are beautiful and can wear clothes to bring out their uniqueness, shining like the sun. Secondly as a dancer i have experienced many mishaps with clothing moving around as you are focused in your dance. Mostly you can unceremoniously pull it back into the correct position but sometimes a bit more of you is exposed than intended. I am designing clothing that if specially fitted to the dancer will stay put. Allow extra freedom in not worrying about clothing and simply enjoying the dance. Not only this but elegant clothing that is both sexy and comfortable, with a twist on classic designs adding flavour. There is also a possibility to take an item from our basic range and add all sorts of extras to truly make it your own and unique. Its uncommen to have this much choice at an affordable price. This is the aim for the NEW addition to the Cielita Loca store which until february is offering unique clothing at great prices.

Principal aims are:

  • Elegant clothing that stays put and flatters
  • With Options of elegant of hip chic, something for everyone
  • Clothing that is fitted and accentuates movement, great for dancers
  • Combines well with other designs in the collection or great basics you have in your wardrobe.
  • Influenced by great classic fashions with a twist of modern design. 
  • With attention to detail on the back as well as the front, with dancers the back is all you see when you dance.
  • Fabric with be great to touch offering texture for the outfit.
  • Extra options of choosing fitting and additions to basic range for individual touch.


 The research continues...



I find myself looking back in time when i research.  i love the idea that when i design something it incorporates the best of the old while adding a new twist making contemporary and modern. Probably more important is wearable and making the person feel at home decorating their body with something that makes their personality shine.

The images i have in my head remind me strongly of the 1900s, with their long lines, high waist and use of detail to accentuate a woman's figure creating elegance and sophistication. Buttons and fascinator hats galore. Taking details like buttons, a high waist that ties in with current fashions and the chic use of fabrics to create designs that incorporate a flavour of the 1900s fashion. Combining it with the dress length more commonly found in the 1950s, with shorter options if people want it.

The history of fashion plays such a big part of what is current in vogue today. Fashionistas forget this too easily. Part of the strength of todays fashion is drawn from the greats of yearsterday and beyond. For me they will always be an inspiration and power to include. So many concepts of politics, style and the social factors that were important in shaping an era's style concept give greater significance to the things we wear now. A dress is not simply a dress but a representative of times past, while capturing the modern times.

Stay posted for the new collection or visit Cielito's home for more information on workshops, tango and all new activities happening at our studio in the New year.

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