Saturday, 12 December 2015

Little black dress

Is the little black dress really all its cracked up to be? Pop culture would have us believe that its the first line defense against everything and once we don the little black dress we instantly step into sexy heaven.

But what about the many people who shouldn't wear black due to the aging effect it has by highlighting shadows and lines on the face. For others the tone is very important, for myself i look great if its a charcoal black close to my face but black black is too austere making me look very pale. There are brown blacks, blue blacks to also add the the list and of course coming from New Zealand there are the all blacks but that is another topic entirely.

Colour aside, other great things to consider are the features you would like to accentuate and the parts of your body you feel less happy to show. Its not about hiding but effective choosing a dress that works to bring out your confidence by working with your body image and what you have to work with.

There are two rules i learned from an old teacher of mine that have stuck with me since the day i heard them. The first was 'if you've got it, flaunt it' and the second is that there is a small list of attributes one can show. If you want to be slutty (excuse the language) show it all, for elegance show maximum 2. This small list would be cleavage, back, tummy and legs. 2 treasures that will last me a life time, i hope you find them useful.