Friday, 25 December 2015

Tokyo street fashion, inspired Starwars and imitating Manga?

Japan has always been a fascination for me. Its a country with so many different cultural rich points that intrigue. Taking one aspect in particular for this article. Japanese fashion has and is continuing to leave its mark on the fashion world far away from the small countries own borders.  Be it with more historical styles like the kimono or the strong images portrayed by samurai and geisha alike. Unique and strong fashion style that clearly stands out on its own. Even Japanese cloth is something to be treasured, everything from beautiful silk to dynamic prints. Recently i have entered the world of Manga and found to my amazement that this cartoon style has inspired a whole new generation to create a bombastic fashion of their own. Manga is a uniquely detailed cartoon form with lifelike human portrayals with many additions of fantasy. Manga has been one of many influences of an ever changing street fashion world in Japan fueled by history, politics, economic abundance and in this case an art form. 

There are many different styles to be seen in the street fashion of Tokyo. Its more than just clothing but fashion and beauty mixed into various degrees of avante garde street fashion. Some such styles are Lolita in its various forms (gothic, sweet, classic, punk, kodona), Gyaru ( alternative name Ganguru), Kogal, Bōsōzoku, Decora, Visual kei in all its variations (cult party kei and angora kei to mention a couple). See Wikipedia for a full description of these street fashions from Tokyo, Japan. Fruit magazine run by editor Shoichi Aoki has followed the changes of Japanese street fashion since 1997. Shoichi Aoki has made quite a name for herself in this area. Going further into into street fashion i found one style that stood out for me as being slightly disturbing, and surreal while in many cases being beautiful at the same time. Harajuku style is a way of life, with head to toe makeup, often fake hair additions or wigs and a way out combination of colour, print and style. Harajuku is a district of Tokyo which is where the fashion gets its name. See below for a photo presentation of manga cartoon pictures, general japanese street fashion and the Harajuku style fashion you can see frequently on the streets of Tokyo today.

Manga art (cartoon art form)

Japanese fashion








Remind you of the latest Star wars movie? I suspect that Japan's street fashion and style culture in general has been the inspiration for many a strange and inspired costume. Whether these styles are extreme or just up your street who is to say. But whats clear is you can see influences in what some might call mainstream fashion. Its both interesting to acknowledge and grow more knowledge of the extremes which often open out area for experimentation and finding our own unique style. See below for Fruit magazine cover, if any of you are interested for a truly informed opinion, seek out Shoichi Aoki. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

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