Saturday, 9 January 2016

14 Wonderful Travel destinations. Number 6 is my personal favourite.

Seeing an article about the most colourful places in the world, it got me thinking about the places I have seen and loved. With family and loved ones spread across the globe, I got to experience a lot of amazing places that are off the beaten track. See below for a list of travel destinations you wouldn't normally hear about and are less often mentioned.

1. New hampshire lakes, USA

2. In the estrella mountains near O porto, Portugal

3. Fraysinette, near albi, france

4. Oludeniz, Turkey

5. Ushuia, Argentina

6. Mendoza, Argentina

7. Ormiston gorge, Alice springs Australia

8. Elephanta Island, India


9. Rangitoto, Auckland New zealand

10. Singapore

11. Frans Joseph glacier, South Island New zealand

12. The countryside around Barcelona, Spain

13. Kerry, Ireland

14. Scarfell, Lake district, UK

Collecting these pictures together has really brought back the memories. I am also discovering that out of all the places i could have shown i seem to have an affinity with mountains and water, chuckling to myself. 


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Lonely planet, globetrotter without the baggage.
Lonely planet, Globetrotter without baggage
Lonely planet, Globetrotter without baggage