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Cheap air tickets to an exotic destination, Singapore

Singapore has been dubbed the country where east meets west. Combining an amazing richness of cultures in the 'garden city' situated very close to the Malaysia. Everything from Asian to European culture mixing in a delight of modern beauty vs. strict conservation measures and reserves from where it gets one of its many nicknames. Bazaars, street markets and temples are nestled between highrise buildings. It feels like an adventure into the unknown when walking around, with many wonderful surprises.

Personal experience and travel

Looking for the cheapest air tickets, i flew to Singapore with Air Asia and returned with Thai airways. The trip with Air Asia was comfortable and went super smoothly, and i arrived to the wonderfully airconditioned airport in Singapore. This was a planned stop over on my way to visiting family in New zealand and Australia. Giving me 3 days to explore this city. 

The first time i came here i visited with my family and we visited the nature reserve and the zoo. It was great fun to see the animals and experience the high up walkways giving great access to the birds in the bird park.

During this visit i got to walk through the beautiful bazaars with richly coloured fabric and found a great place to eat wanton soup before continuing back to my hotel. The first day complete i slept soundly, still a little between time zones. 

The next day i woke up early eager to explore the city and some of the many temples and markets.  Checking the singapore weather review and map in hand i ventured fourth. The singapore map is a little strange to read or maybe it was me, but i got lost and found and lost again. In the end trusting to instinct i managed to walk back to the hotel after a day full of the unexpected delights, not knowing what was around the corner. After getting lost the first time and finding myself i came across a part of the city i had never been in before and marveled as i found the beginnings of a reserve. 

After walking around for a few hours i got a taxi to Little India. Hearing hte latest Singapore news in a cafe where the owner took pity on me and gave me a new improved singapore map. Thanking them as i paid for my drink and left, only to discover that it was exactly the same as the first. I couldn't help myself but i started to laugh and then giggle as people watched me in the new pouring rain. It was a wonderful respite from the aching heat of the day but i have to say i didn't expect this wonderful bit of Singapore weather. 

Walking in a storm of rain drops the size of  tennis balls I soon found a place i could hide and enjoy my first proper meal in Singapore. 

On the second and third day i mainly chilled out at the hotel and walking in the neighbourhood. Singapores China town and India town are really my favourite places of all. Enjoying the informality while finding wonderful presents for my family and loved one back home. 

Things i did in Singapore:

  • Walked around and saw the markets of  Little India and Chinatown
  • Singapore zoo
  • Jurong bird park and walkways in the sky
  • Singapore harbour with its incredible tree art, Sentosa and world famous Lion statue.
  • Visited gardens and reserves enjoying Singapores nature
  • The food in Little India and Chinatown is to die for. 
  • Singapore Botanic gardens
  • Sri Mariamman, Kong meng san phor temple and Kusu Island
Temple in India town, Singapore
Tree lights in the harbour. 

Useful to know:

  • There are strict laws about rubbish and litering.
  • For women you shouldn't sit in parks alone, or be aware of appropriate spaces to sit.
  • Hot means hot in the Chilli houses there and the condiments are even more powerful.
  • Huge killer ants in the reserves, only kidding. but they are huge.
  • Check the Singapore weather as the rain is formidable.  
  • Lastly, its worth to find a good map of Singapore before arriving. There is so much to see its great to have an idea of some of the things you would like to do beforehand.


I have visited Singapore 5 times now and each time has been short, fun and inspiring. The way the new mixes with the old and the richness of traditions and cultures makes this a special place on the map for me and well worth visiting again.

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