Monday, 18 January 2016

Little acts of kindness while….

Today was a glorious day of surprise snow, seizing the moment of sunshine and clear weather to embrace the new found cold and look for beautiful photographs. Putting on the warmest clothes i can find and enjoying the wild sort of photographer look i managed. Helping me to get into the mood of photographing my immediate world. Being present in the moment and enjoying not caring what the world thinks of me. Something i dwell on too often, which also results in me trying to make others as comfortable as i can manage. Only to find i can’t keep it up, and now a relief to let go of.

i am walking finding my first subject, the new park wall stroke fence i find actually quite ugly but somehow with the white snow and the brightness of the day i find there is also beauty in its shape. Next come trees, ducks and water shots with the many romantic bridges in the Maxima park. What struck me in one moment is that i get so caught up in my work that i forget to be in the moment, enjoying what is there rather than trying to continually shape and improve it. As i finished all my photos and the memory card i decided to head back to the warmth. On my way back i saw a mother with two children, trying to get one on her back. as i passed i was smiling and enjoying their fun. they couldn’t manage to do it so i helped the little girl onto her mothers back. It was so sweet to see. Not only had they made me smile but i had made them smile too, giving them a further possibility to enjoy their fun. With one little act of kindness we were all warmed from the inside, oblivious to the cold.

So i am normally not writing on a sunday but find it a wonderful opportunity to invite each of you who read this, to first become present with the space, people and lives going on around you. Second to be open to one little act of kindness and see what comes your way. Third to be open to doing a little act of kindness, that will be sure to warm you through and through.