We have had over 5000 people visiting since the start of my new blog Chic Loca on the 20th December. With a wide spread of people from different countries. Looking at the world map it seems the blog has reached many different countries. We are starting grow a good base of people coming to the blog without posting, in the first week it was very noticeable that traffic arrive when a post was published. Now the blog is getting at least 200 clicks a day and more if i publish a post. People are loving the blog posts and they have received a lot of great behind the scenes support. Post topics are varied and frequent, so much to say.
So where to from here? I imagine the experienced bloggers can see some problems already with what is written above or at least i get this idea from the many articles read over the last month. Lots of traffic while good doesn't mean anything if the bounce rate is high and it doesn't translate into something more tangible. A wide spread in audience and post topics can mean that you haven't really found you niche yet and its very easy to over extend yourself at this point. Particularly with over posting, but there seems to be no particular right way to plan posting frequency.

Tips picked up and learned this week:

  1. Big amounts of traffic while good is not as useful as smaller amounts of traffic with a high conversion rate into follows and sales.
  2. Stumble upon, LinkedIn and Google circles have been great ways to spread the word about my articles with very little effort. These have been the top ways people have found my blog.
  3. I love writing even though i don't feel very confident about it. It was a huge step to begin the blog due to feeling under confident that what i was writing was OK. Being a dancer for so long i got used to the idea that probably i was only able to learn visually and kinesthetically. Now I begin to play with words.

Next steps...

  • Focus on turning traffic into follows, comments, contact with other aspects of my work and sales for want of a better word.
  • Continue with a wide range of topics for articles and observe which ones are better received, which post advertising routes work best and overall information collecting to help me later make more informed choices.
  • Continue to improve content quality.
  • Work on the usability of the blog and make it easier for people to click through into different articles and other sites that are connected to my work.
  • Come up with a plan for which audiences I am aiming for, which could include some target countries helping with questions like when to post and the sorts of key words one should use.

Research areas for the coming week...

  • How to consolidate traffic into followers.
  • How to improve content quality, layout and back end structure.
  • New possibilities for the blog including design aspects, SEO, new social networks that would support the blog e.g. Instagram.

So all in all the Chic Loca is going very well. I am happy to see how its growing and how this experiment with social media and blogging continues to intrigue me. The continuous learning and improving, developing something suits me down to the ground. Designing, writing and using my head more than i have for years. Oh and inadvertently finding more of my English back, after a number years of constant exposure to the wonderful world of international English. Today I read that many new bloggers quit after the first couple of weeks. This really surprised me, as I feel an addiction coming on. Who knows for the future, but for now the wheels keep turning.
Check out Chic loca blog if you are interested. It covers Fashion from informative perspective, style tips, creative writing, travel and health topics.