Thursday, 7 January 2016

The style mistakes no one told you about


Over the years I have made my fair share of fashion blunders and sometimes being a repeat offender. Why o why do friends keep quiet when trousers are in fact quite transparent, showing the world your booty not to mention whatever underwear you threw on that day to get to work or in this case school on time. Or that hair style that made you look like you crawled through the hedge backwards, due to a lack of information. Below I will talk you through some of the big mistakes i have made and wish someone told me about. Learning the hard way by looking at photos, getting comments or realizing when looking in a mirror with the right lighting conditions. Blunders are a hazard of a creative fashionista, don't be scared of them.

Safety to complete exposure in one foul moment... secretly transparent clothing

One of the most rememberable mistakes i made was wearing fitted black trousers to school thinking they were a sexy but good basic for my school uniform. Little did i know that they were half translucent showing everything in the right lighting. Luckily I could hide something of my backside with the over large school shirts we all wore then.  


  • To avoid this blunder is to check clothing by putting your hand underneath it in bright light and see if the hand is visible. 
  • With stretchy fabric and some looser woven fabrics they can appear safe until you stretch them or change lighting conditions. 
  • Another thing you can do is wear safe underwear underneath in doubt while you test a piece of clothing for a day. 
  • Having a spare to change into if need be.

Bad Hair days

My hardest blunder was big poofy hair. My mother wasn't very good with the girly stuff and has straight hair so she never had to learn to deal with locks. Curly hair needs a whole completely different way of maintaining in order to keep the inner hedgehog at bay. What do i mean? well imagine you have long curly hair and crawl through a hedge backwards. This just about sums it up.

Tips for curly hair would include:

  • Don't brush when dry unless you put it up. Otherwise you end up with big frizzy hair.
  • During the day if you see its looking a bit unmanageable, put some water on your hands and smooth the rough areas. The water can help curl the hair and make it more defined again. 
  • When you have towel dried your hair, brush and put up for 30 minutes to an hour. If you let it down then the hair doesn't get so frizzy and curls are more defined.
  • Easy way to get sleek look is to plait your hair when its wet or the night before. Let it dry and when done, you can undo it to get a nice crinkly look thats effortless. i used this at school a lot after discovery.
  • Find hair styles that work with curly hair, don't rely on the always sleek straightened hair styles or styles that look great on naturally straighter hair. 
  • Find a good hair dresser who knows how to cut curly hair. Many hairdressers style for straight hair including cuts like layering and intricate shaping which tends to rely on you straightening your hair every day so it shows. A hairdresser who cuts you hair in the right way will make it look amazing and help with tips for how to care for curly hair.
  • If in real dispair, try one of the many products out there for curly hair definition.
  • Lastly conditioner is great for tangles and maintaining health with longer hair. Be aware that different shampoos have different affects on locks. I Have found some shampoos make tighter more defined curls while others make it frizzy.

Size matters...   height and clothing

Understanding what the sizes mean in things like bras was difficult in the beginning. I didn't really have someone who explained girly things to me so there was a lot of trial and error. I think many of us get puzzled about bra sizes in the beginning. Ok not the guys, but actually i do remember a certain amount of interest from the guys when the girls started needing them. The other thing which is less obvious is the general sizing of clothes affecting men and women alike, mostly in how they never fit many of us very well.

I am tall for a girl/women in the UK and the clothes that fit my width never fit in length. I got used to buying size 14/16 UK clothing for the extra length in the arms and legs. Getting so used to it i considered myself actually this size and when people commented on these sizes being overweight at times it made me feel less than good about my body shape. Also pronounced when you hear the American sizes like 0, 2, 4, 6 you think you must be a giant. Not realizing their sizes are different.

At 14 I had this textiles teacher outside school who opened my eyes quite a bit with some simple comments. One time she asked why I hid myself in a tent of clothes. Another time she suggested i go for modeling. Overall these comments got me thinking. i had many realizations and continued for the next years to grow my knowledge.

  • One for the girls, get properly fitted for bras and find someone who can help while you are growing as its always changing.
  • The sizes we see in the shop are general, they differ in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. They don't define us but help guide. Likewise one brands sizing and style is a little different to anothers. Making trying on clothes a real must and not taking it personally if it doesn't fit.
  • For those who can sew, buying larger sizes and taking in parts of  a piece of clothing is a great way to go. I have done this a lot, particularly taking the waist in.
  • Different styles of clothing can look good baggy. i often go for a smaller or bigger size than one might think in order to get a certain effect that i want to create. 
  • Some styles will always work for your body type, keep these in mind when shopping especially online. Other styles might be beautiful but they generally won't work. For me i love the bodices with built in bra effect. But these almost never work as i have a bigger bust than my UK size 6/8 waist. I don't take it personally but would love to find one that fit someday. Finding a variation like a boned bodice without the bra addition is one of my wardrobe treasures and i probably have too many of them (smile).

Heels oh wondrous heels... how high is too high?

I was an early starter with many things like being interested in fashion, shaving my legs at 12, loving absolutely loving heels and all things that i saw women wearing around me. I got a lot of attention from men around this time and often they thought I was a lot older.  As a tall girl I discovered that wearing the hugest heels with platforms was the most alienating thing you could do but the public loved it. Growing up I was self conscious about my height and often being the tallest girl in groups. I went between wearing high heels and completely not, although loving them they made me stand out.

  • Just because the fashion says high heels, or platforms or flat. Go with what is flattering to you.
  • Just because you stand out it doesn't mean its bad. At 14 I made a conscious choice to choose how people say me because they were going to see me anyway. Going further than shoes into clothes, fitness and the way i composed myself. 
  • Personally i find platforms terrible for those who have big feet in relation to their bodies. 
  • Kitten heels are girly and sexy for tall thinner built girls.
  • Thick heels aren't adviseable for very thin people as it can accentuate your build. 
  • Wearing heels in cities where they have cobblestones is hard work and can ruin a beautiful pair of shoes, so think through your day first before choosing shoes.
  • Thicker heels are better for balance 
  • Platforms are great combined in very high heels as your feet don't work so had.

Blunders are a hazard of a creative fashionista, don't be scared of them. Maybe best thing is to smile, make a joke and learn from it. In the case of unintentional close to cool blunders, tweak and wear with conviction. Then we will see who is laughing.

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