Sunday, 6 January 2019

ORCHESTRA RAP SHEET: Rudolfo Biagi tango orchestra

Rudolfo Biagi - pianist, composer, band leader
- He was born in buenos aires in a barrio or district called San telmo.
- He made his first debut as a pianist when he was 13 playing the background music for silent movies.
- Later working with Carlos gardel one of the most famous tango singers.
- Leaving his employment to play as part of Canaro’s orquestra.
- Here he wrote the famous tango ‘ indiferencia
- After a little time he left Canaro’s orquestra to replace an unreliable pianist in D'arienzo orquesta.
- Together in 1935 bringing forward tangos with a very distinct difference in energy and tempo using the 2/4 time
signature instead of the old 4/4 time.
- 1938, Biagi split with D’arienzo to make his own orchestra.his show of the radio got him coined with the
nickname ‘manos brujos’ or magical hands. compositions include: ‘amor y vals’, ‘crus diablo’ and ‘golgata'