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About Chic Loca, Isolde Kanikani and Cielito

An introduction from Isolde

For years i have focused almost too much on image, sometimes as a way of protecting myself in the strange yet lovely microcosm that is the tango world. I would like to invite all of you to jump into this world and make contact with me. Sharing your thoughts, comments and inviting people in here too. I hope to share my ideas and creativity while finding an outlet for some of the lovely crazy interests i have hidden behind the tango dancer vizard. Bringing creative writing, style tips and design along with some poems I feel a little shy about. 

With tips for making the most of what we have both as dancers, as beautiful people and more importantly ourselves. Everyone has beauty and its well worth celebrating. Shine and don't let your clothing rule you.


Why the name Chic Loca? 

I  always loved the phrase chica loca. For those of you who don't speak any spanish, Loca is an endearing name you can say to a girl/woman. It mean something along the lines of crazy girl. Crazy in the loveliest sense of the word. And the meaning of chic? well most people will have a sense of this one. For me its something of a feeling and a few words that would begin to describe it are a fashion elegance and style often understated. Together Chic loca is a wonderful combination of individuality with a flair of sophistication. 


What will I find in this blog?


I have a lot of lovely crazy and its so great to bring something of this in the shape of creative writing, projects, ideas about life and anything else that pops up along the way. This blog gives me a space to bring together lots of different interests and show research and thought processes.

With our clothing store Cielita Loca up and running we are getting a lot of questions about how to combine items of clothing for maximum effect.  The clothes we choose to wear are a powerful part of our image. We can either passively hide from this fact or take control, show others what we want to share as well as the wonderful parts of our nature that can't help but shine through. Not so sure then see below for some ideas about the next step. Part of the process is to not be scared of making mistakes, i have made so many on the way to finding out what styles work for me and what doesn't. Maybe i share some of these mess up soon, i am not a guru but one of the girls and like share what i experience. Lets see where this journey takes us.

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How to use this blog

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We are more than just a blog?

Cielito is the name of an organisation that was set up by Isolde in 2003, as a name to incorporate all the many projects, classes and activities she keeps at her finger tips. Chic loca is a small part of this as the newest project to come into the public view.

Cielito - for a view of other projects, argentine tango lessons and workshops see our website: www.cielito.nl

Chic loca - blog about fashion, style, tips, dance, fitness and health and creativity.

Cielita loca - online store for unique clothing that adds a flare of style to any wardrobe:
Studio Cielito - based in Utrecht Netherlands: www.studio-cielito.nl

Compania Cielito - tango performance group: www.compania-cielito.com

Isolde Kanikani - for more information about Isolde Kanikani go here: www.isolde-kanikani.com


Greetings Isolde