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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Crutches... New chapter to the crazy chronicles

Thursday 25th august i manage to step down on a spade hard to dig up the stubborn bamboo plant i wanted to take and plant in my new studio. during the forceful action my flimsy shoe breaks and i end up bringing vulnerable flesh down on sharp spade top.  I can't put my weight on it so i crawl through the garden including all the weeds and things i have cut back to leave the garden nice, calling for my father who has fallen asleep in the big armchair in the living room. Then my ex man returns home and finds me half sitting inside and half outside trying not to make a mess of the house with profusely bleeding foot. we bandage it and he picks me up and takes me to the car where we get the foot checked out at the doctor.

Carried into the emergency room and the doctor smiling at the sight, me sheepishly half laughing half smiling. The doctor examines the foot and gives the news that no tendons are broken which is lucky a htis would mean months of recovery. Simply a few nerves might be damages but these will grow back in time. Also that i need a number of stitches but the anesthetic will probably be as painful as the stitches. So i decide to go for the stitches without anesthetic, my god was it painful but i managed to not move or cry out until the last stitch which was directly on a nerve or sensitive point. the last one really throbs even now.

After the doctors and back to the house, i go with my father to pick up some crutches so at least i am able to be a little independent in the next days. Its amazing here, you walk into a shop and hand over your insurance information. Sign a form and eh voula you have rented crutches.

Thursday after getting back home i tried to go to the supermarket just down the road in good old stubborn Isolde style. It was hard and i managed it, but my god do i have a new found respect for anyone who can't simply go to a shop without some walking aid or wheelchair. As a dancer after day 3 i am itching to walk, dance, run, jump as i am used to. so trying to put sunday to use with the finishing of my book.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Style tip: accessories galore


Whether your style is simple or built on small details that make the final outcome, accessories can really make a difference to an outfit.

Some basic things to consider when choosing accessories:

  • Choose accessories that accent your out fit of the day
  • Consider colours that complement your hair, skin and outfit colours.
  • With jewellery its often the case that we wear the wrong colour. With the choice of gold, silver and rose gold, you should relate the colour you wear to the tone of your skin. more info here.
  • Watch out for over doing it, while its great to accent too much can over power the rest of what you are wearing.
  • Ask yourself what you want to accentuate about your body and out fit of the day. Is it your waist, the find a belt. Your face, then a good pair of earrings and hair drawn back is a great option. 

My personal tips used when i choose accessories:

  • When looking at jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. i often choose maximum 1 for a relaxed look, 2 for simple with often small earrings. 
  • I won't wear big earrings and a necklace or bracelet and rings. This is an easy way to avoid crowding.
  • When wearing hats be aware of how this affects your hair and if you want a lively hair look later in the day. Many hats flatten hair and bring out natural oils from scalp causing a less than fresh glossy look. A thin barret is great from protecting hair from getting frizzy when traveling outside between meetings and performances. 
  • Belts are great for accentuating your waist and you can wear them at three heights e.g. hips, waistline or empire bust line. These each bring about different lines in the body.
  • If you have beautiful details on a neckline of a dress or top then a half up hair style or completely up hairstyle will show this off. 
  • This one is going to sound funny but be careful of your associations with the use of somethings getting in the way of using it creatively. Take a scarf for example, there are a hundred and one ways to use it as a scarf but it can also be used as a top, as a skirt, as a dress (if big enough), head scarf, belt. Think outside of the box and enjoy your creativity.


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