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Sunday, 29 September 2019

What is a phrase in music, an often controversial topic in our performance group

During Compania Cielito performance group rehearsals we often came into dispute about phrasing of the music and exactly what this is. After a number of heated group discussions i felt it important to research and get to the bottom of why this question kept arising and why everyone felt so strongly about it. The article below by Bradford says it all in my opinion and expresses what i myself feel when hearing the music i dance.

Phrasing in music – what is a musical phrase?
By Bradford on July 3, 2012 in Lessons and Tips, Music Theory Lessons

Phrase group of three four bar phrases in Mozart's Piano Sonata in F, K. 332

Phrase group of three four bar phrases in Mozart’s Piano Sonata in F, K. 332

Let’s start with a definition from the Oxford’s Music Dictionary:

phrase. Short section of music of a musical composition into which the music, whether vocal
or instrumental, seems naturally to fall. Sometimes this is 4 measures, but shorter and longer
phrases occur. It is an inexact term: sometimes a phrase may be contained within one breath,
and sometimes sub-divisions may be marked. In notation, phrase-marks are the slurs placed
over or under the notes as a hint of their proper puntutation in performance. The art of phrasing
by a performer is often instinctive and is one of the features by which a supreme artist may be
distinguished from one of lesser inspiration, whether singer or instrumentalist.

I like the following from the above definition:

* “the music seems naturally to fall” – music and the human body are very connected. Vocal music
follows many physiological requirements such as phrase length not exceeding what the lungs can
 * “it is an inexact term” – music can be abstract and there is often more than one correct answer to
a phasing question. You might get different teachers telling you to phrase differently. Just remember,
you are dealing with the expression of ideas. Ideas change and are interpreted in different ways.
* “is often instinctive” – Listen to lots of music in the genre or era you are studying. Also, go to
concerts and see how the pros pull off phrasing. You need to absorb the lessons of performance.
Studying theory, history, and musicianship in a class or with a teacher can certainly help. Regardless,
you need to gain enough experience so you can understand as well as feel the phrasing.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Tango Stories: (1) Rooftop in Buenos Aires

This is the first of our stories collected from our original post asking for submissions two years ago. These were made into a book that sold out within a month and wasn't reprinted to keep the project special and unique. After all it wasn't about the money out about making a final creation that could be shared amongst those submitting stories and their families.

Rooftop in Buenos Aires

There were many things that lead to this moment standing with what i could only describe as my first love. I had girl crushes and the idea of loving many times before but not the all consuming feeling of wishing to know someone, wanting to be in contact and sharing more of myself than i ever had done before.

I went to a tango salon with my dancing partner in Canning, a great traditional salon for dancing. My dance partner wanted to dance  with some of the most experienced dancers in the room but because he wasn't known there found that they turned him down more often than danced. While he was not really in the mood for dancing i soon found the eyes and cabaceo of a man sitting two tables over from us. We danced a tanda (4 songs) and then sat down again at our own tables. i found the first dances challenging and not so comfortable. So it sort of surprised me that i said yes again a little later on. In the end we danced 4 tandas which is quite something seeing that my dance partner pretty much sat throughout and more than one tanda in a evening tends to imply a closer relation or leading that way.

We exchanged numbers and emails. Leaving the milonga with my dance partner i found a cheeky email waiting for me when i got home in the early hours of the night. He invited me to come to a milonga the next evening and meet him. So this time going alone i found myself dancing the whole evening. This guy introduced me to various people at the salon and we tried our very bad English and Spanish on each other. He got me to try an empanada for the first time and introduced them as some of his favourite food. He asked more about me and also if i would be interested to practice with him. i was in Buenos Aires to learn and so i thought why not. i invited him to the tango house where i was staying which also conveniently has a dance floor that can be used.

We met and practiced for 3 hours solid, he drilled me at every turn and i had the feeling afterwards of not being able to dance anymore. in the end he saw this and i think felt a bit bad about it. It was a really hot evening so we went up onto the big open roof that overlooked the skyline of Buenos Aires and gave hints of the neighboring buildings in Barrio Boedo. We sat there for hours sharing stories. He realized i could lead and asked me to lead him. We danced on the rooftop and the lesson continued. Then in one moment he showed how it was to lead a specific movement, then taking one hand and placing it on my waist. Another hand going to my face where he brushed away a piece of hair blown by the hot breeze. He must have seen my softly wild look at these gestures and returned his own, eclipsed only by the kiss that followed.

Anonymous Author, 2016

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Art work and creativity by Isolde Kanikani

 Art has always played a huge part in my life. Whether it be with painting, dancing making music or helping others to make art, its always been there. Taking many forms like modeling for photographers and model shoots. Sometimes these get shown and sometimes remain something hidden or become part of a paid for portfolio by some business or artist or other. Most of all art has been a way of relaxing, expressing present situations and exploring myself in process. The end result being secondary. Now i am finding some of the pictures that have moved me and i am left wondering what to do with this part of my world.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Are we fated & is there someone looking out for us up there?

Today has been a day of fun, reminders that somehow the universe knows what one needs and difficulty knowing how to act respectfully in regards to a decision one personally completely doesn't understand. Are we regulated by fate, some force to be defined or simply randomly exist without any guidance at all?

This is such an individual topic without right answers, simply a recognition of how you might feel about events in relation to your life and the possibility of choice.

i can only write about my own experiences today. Today i believe that somehow miraculously the universe sent me the things i needed. In not so many words you could say the universe made me feel beautiful and appreciated by sending me asian guys and a really cute guy i would have liked to get to know a bit more but didn't take the opportunity. I was a bit surprised by it to respond. being followed by a car for a few blocks is fairly normal but the important thing is that it made me laugh where i only felt sad before. It seems that when you are on the right path you are looked after by the universe and when on the bumpy side road to no where its simply difficult. i just got on the highway again after quite some years of bumpy.

So is this a form of reward for being in the right place or is fate such that you get the good with the bad. While i can't answer this question i can feel blessed today. Thank you...

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Beauty tip for keeping those winter days at bay


For many of you lucky people you are in your summer now, but us northerners the wonderful winter months are upon us. Whatever the season there is always something we can do to not only help the external beauty but also you internal exquisiteness. 


A winter treat, short routine to bring a warm glow

With all the changing between warm cozy houses and the fresh outdoors, its important to look after your skin. The warm dry air inside matched with the cold dry air outside robs your skin of its much needed moisture.

Gather together:
  • a massage oil like almond or peach, or simple olive oil. Different oils promote different qualities, almond oil and apricot are great for combination skin.
  • a small towel and a larger one
  • a trusted moisturizer, The body shop good moisturizers designed for different skin types.
  • moisturizing body wash
  • exfoliating cream: st.Ives apricot scrub is a great one for sensitive skin
  • an exfoliating brush with natural fibers like sea sponge.
  • something to tie you hair off your face and neck.
 The type of products you use depends on your skin type, use trusted brands you know won't cause skin irritation and allergy. If anything on the list is new for you then search out advice on what is best for you to use.

The routine:
  1. Tie you hair up so no loose strands will get close to the skin. If you have a chance do nice things for your hair before continuing with this list. Dirty hair will rub against the skin later and possibly ruin some of your work here.
  2. Take the natural exfoliating brush and move it in circles on your dry skin. This is a great for exfoliating the skin while improving circulation and getting rid of dead skin.
  3. Take a shower and use the exfoliating cream on your face and neck. If you like you can use the brush for the body here too. 
  4. Use the moisturizing body wash on your body leaving your neck and face free.
  5. Directly after your shower get the natural oil and work into all areas of your of your body including the face and neck. Massaging the oil into the skin. If your hand can't glide over the skin you probably don't have enough oil on there. The dryer the skin the more you will use, as the skin simply laps up this new moisturization. 
  6. Get the smallest of the two towels and make it wet using water at a comfortable heat for holding but warm enough that you feel its warmth seep in. Find a relaxed place to sit or lay down with some soothing music, place the towel onto your face and neck creating as much contact with the towel as possible. Relax for 10 minutes, you can repeat this if you like with a newly warmed towel. 
  7. Once you are done, take the second dry towel and rub all the excess oil from your body. This step is great for the circulation. The better the circulation is underneath the skin the more it promotes healthy skin on top. 
  8. Moisturize your body leaving your neck and face free again. Put something on to keep warm.
  9. Take the wet towel and make it warm again, gently massaging you face and taking excess oil away. 
  10. Use a moisturizer for your face and neck, you can add your normal eye cream if you use one. Give this time to dry which can be helped by gently patting your eye area with your finger tips. Avoid rubbing the sensitive skin areas as this can cause more harm than good.
  11. And you are done. Feel free to make this a bedtime treat adding candles for a relaxing mood, heating up the oil to body temperature before using a candle oil burner or pimping it up with things you do in your normal routine. Adding a face mask can also be a great addition.

When i make time for little routines like this the results are super quick. Whether you want to improve skin condition, relax or be good to yourself this is a simple formula you can tweak to make it your own. Little rituals like these helps to bring a little peace in this hectic world.

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