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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Style tip: Ignite your world with more color awareness

Lately I have been working behind the scenes trying to update knowledge on all things design and in particular choosing a great colour signature for my business branding. While reminding myself of some color palette basics like the difference between a tone, a shade and pure colors. Not to mention primary, secondary and tertiary color schemes and the subtle and very useful difference between them. Allowing a lot of choices as an informed user and combiner. Whether looking at how to combine colour in a website or your latest outfit. The effects of colour on our psychology and on those around us huge. So why not ignite your world with a little informed colour wearing and make monochrone outfits a choice for the right moment rather than a safe must. Coschedule blog gives a very clear idea of the possible color use in marketing, and the same can be applied to our outfit of the day. Here are some tips for using color in your fashion choices.

There is a thing line between love and hate

 When looking for two colours to bring together, there is a thin line between the colours that work together and the ones that clash. I love to use a monochrome colour scheme adding another colour that makes the whole outfit pop. A monochrome colour palette includes one color with all its shades and tones. Then adding accents of a contrasting colour make an outfit elegant without looking like a rainbow. Another trick used a lot in the eighties is peacocking with all one colour like black and then having one other colour that is made stronger by the contrast of the two you have chosen.



Skin tone 

Are you aware that all of us have a base skin tone that can be warm cold or neutral? This has a big effect on the colours we look good wearing. Warm skin types look good in gold jewelry while cold skin types look better in silver. With accessories its good to choose the colors that suit your skin tone. If you like gold but have a cool skin tone why not look at a rose gold variation which has a cooler colour or if you want to amp it up a notch why not platinum jewellery which is being called the new gold. For warm skin tones, be aware of the different types of gold varying from rosegold to a more red gold, these can be used subtly with outfits to bring both modern and classic accents. If you don't know your skin tone you can check is out here with a great wikihow article.

Hair colour 

This is super important, especially if you are dying your hair different colours. First of all choose a hair colour that suits your skin tone. This is the biggest reason hair colour can make people look strange. Each time you dye your hair a different colour, you need to change your clothing colour scheme to suit.  If you are one of the few not experimenting with hair colour, then it makes things a bit easier. Your wardrobe choices can keep on one line and it makes shopping much easier.


Eye colour 

Blue eyed people are often encouraged to  wear blue clothing to bring out the colour of their eyes, but there is a whole range of things we can do with eye colour. Its a more subtle part of our colour scheme when you consider how noticeable skin and hair can be from a distance. But up close and personal eye suddenly become a big draw. I would suggest to consider the mood you want to create before looking at colours. Eyes that pop in terms of the outfit are great when you want to be out there and noticed, but what if you want something more relaxed. With hazel eyes you have a choice of how they pop eg more green or more brown. All eye colours have the dominant overall colour and smaller ones e.g blue eyes can be sky blue or more grey. Dark eyes can be more dark green or blue black. I have hazel eyes and most often choose to accent the browns and golds in my eyes, accenting the green for a different clearer look when wanted.

Don't be too swayed by fashion  

In the end the colour range that suits your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour won't change. Mostly there is a good shade in a the range of a fashionable color scheme that will work for each individual. Personally i wouldn't go for a fashionable color palette at the expense of looking too pale due tot he color not working for me.

Dressing for a color blind partner and friends

This is something more to be aware of. Many men have part colour blindness, so if you are dressing up for a date or loved one make sure you have a sense of their sight capabilities and also a sense of their taste. Ok we don't want to loose ourselves to someone else's taste but its not great to knock people over with it either. So when deciding clothing for a date or evening out with friends, try to get  a sense of what is appropriate for the occasion and help to create the desired atmosphere.

Office clothing and culture

These are other situations to be aware. Office culture nowadays in relation to the accepted clothing is so completely different where ever you go. In the good old days it was simple, dress to impress with a suit or skirt blazer combo. Nowadays its a matter of researching the company culture of the place you wish to join or be aware of the place you work in and how the general populace choose to dress. For interviews i would always suggest dress up a look slightly more if in doubt rather than less, it gives the impression of taking the interview seriously. In hte case of being at work in a steady job, ask yourself what the company culture regarding clothing is and how you like to dress with this in mind. If its super relaxed with jeans and t-shirts and you come in with a suit, its a very strong statement whether you are aware of this or not. Great clothing choices can not only make you look and feel better about yourself. But they can help you make friends in the office, impress the boss and draw clients into your work.

There is a lot we can do with color awareness and bringing this extra information to the choices we make when choosing outfits, interior decoration or anything else for that matter. Use colour to suit your mood and see how different choices can bring out different aspects of your character and how to apply this to work or chilling out with friends and loved ones.

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